Queens Pier, Ramsey

Client: Heritage Homes Ltd.
(by Hugh Logan as Principal Architect with Dandara)

Status: Completed 2005

This scheme originated as a tender invitation from the Isle of Man Government on the basis that 80% of the accommodation created would be offered up to it’s first time buyer scheme which fixes the sale price of these units. The remainder may be offered to the open market.

The successful, tendered design provided a total of 36 two bedroomed apartments. The scheme was subsequently expanded to incorporate some adjoining property which added an additional 14 open market units. Car parking is provided in a ventilated basement.

Queen's Pier Apartments, Ramsey, Isle of Man - Images

The design solution was to wrap four and five storeys of buildings around the three sides of the site with an archway through to maintain rear access to adjoining buildings. The external design and detail is derived from the adjoining Victorian terraces and the hotel that once occupied the site.