Skandia House

Client: Dandara Commercial Ltd
(by Hugh Logan as Principal Architect with Dandara)

Status: Completed 2004

This landmark site was purchased with an existing planning consent for 36,000 sq ft of offices and 120 car parking spaces. Re-design increased the capacity to 60,000 sq ft and over 300 parking spaces without any significant increase to the mass of the building.

Skandia House, Onchan, Isle of Man, Coast Panorama

The re-design included improvement to the internal space by the enlargement of glazed areas and the relocation or removal of columns from lettable space. This was a significant factor to letting of the whole building to a single tenant.

Skandia House, Onchan, Isle of Man, Court Panorama

The design brief was extended to the interior design of the offices in which signature colours are used to demarcate individual parts of the building.